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Vintage Lingerie: 30 Patterns Based on Period Garments Plus Finishing Techniques by Jill Salen

Let me tell you about this book. I love me some underwear books, this is an undeniable fact. I also love me some patterning books, so this book is a match made in heaven. It was published in February of 2012, so it’s very new on the market. So new that it had only one review on Amazon and I could only find one review of it elsewhere, on a knitting website. I took a chance and asked for it as a present for the holidays, and I am blown away by the quality of this book.

Layout of the book: It has a brief introduction section that has some blurbs about lingerie, but then it gets right into the meat of the book, 30 gorgeous historical undergarment patterns ranging in time periods. It has girdles, garter belts, bras, waist cinchers, something for everyone. Each pattern has a full color beautiful picture of the historical garment it’s based off of, a blurb about the garment and its historical context, and then a page or two grid layout of the pattern pieces. The end of the book contains a few finishing techniques, some of which are lingerie specific, all of which have lovely illustrated diagrams that are very clear.

For a mere $20 on Amazon right now, this book is an absolute steal. I cannot recommend this book enough, even though I haven’t had the chance to work any of the patterns yet. It is extremely clear, has lovely pictures, and the patterns are great and I imagine pretty easy to scale up, especially if you’ve done it before with a book like Corsets and Crinolines. It’s obviously not for beginning sewers, but I think that it is an excellent addition to the library of a costumer or underwear enthusiast.

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