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Jockey Introduces New Bra Sizing System

Okay, Jockey, your theory is sound. Bra fit would be vastly improved by taking the volume of the breast into account rather than simple measurements.

What this article and Jockey have completely ignored is that waaaaaay more than 10 breast volumes exist. I’m a 30JJ. Just below my size, not counting those with larger breast volumes, there are A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, and J. That’s thirteen volume sizes in just my band size, not counting my own or those above mine, which I can assure you do in fact exist.

You know how I know that these sizes exist? Because companies sell bras in those sizes. Companies like Curvy Kate, Bravissimo, Effuniak, and Panache sell waaaaay more than ten cup volumes. If you’re trying to revolutionize bra fitting, maybe get with the current bra fit revolution and understand that the reason that so many people are in the wrong size bra is not necessarily because they need a new measurement system but because there’s no widespread education and the bras in their size aren’t available

Which brings be to my next point, the sizes Jocky is producing in this “revolutionary fit”. They’re producing the equivalents of, you guessed it, the “standard sizes” that are already available in the US, with only slight expansion. 30A-F, 32A-F, 34A-GG, 36A-GG, 38A-GG, 40A-GG, 42A-GG. Congratulations Jockey, you’ve reproduced the size range European companies produce and have produced for years. Maybe try catching up with companies in the UK and expand a few band sizes up and down and quite a few cup sizes up.

I genuinely like the concept, don’t get me wrong, but they’re not tackling the right problems when it comes to bra fit. There’s no point in changing the fitting system if you’re going to offer the same limited size range as the previous system. People are still going to get sized into the wrong bra because you don’t even produce a size that fits them.

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"What does this equate to in Real Sizes?"


Said the attractive women, giggling with her friends that think its a real riot going into a lingerie store. 

(Hey, just some Lingerie Store etiquette. I work here, I care about this store. Please don’t say things like “Eww! Who would wear that?! Gross!” It makes me automatically not like you. In fact, it makes me hate you.

You aren’t being daring and provocative. You are not Carrie or Samantha.

You are a grown up in a Lingerie Store. Fucking act like it)

“So what size is it really?” The women asked me again. I looked at the tag.

“Its a 38H”

“THAT’S the real size?”

The women dissolve into laughter.

“What does H come after? DDDDDD?”

“No. It comes after a G cup. G is actually our most common size.”

The women are now dumbfounded. 

“Ive never heard of a G cup.”

Well of course you haven’t lady. Because you are obviously not a G cup. And for some reason that gives you license to have a good chuckle over someone else’s body.

I do not say this. I say

“Probably not. Most department stores only go up to a D cup. When they size you, they size you to their stock. They are there to sell you something out of their stock. So you may very well be a G, but they put you in a D, because thats what they sell.”

(I say this about 20 times a day. Sometimes to obnoxiously dumb people, and sometimes to a sobbing women who doesn’t want to believe a 40G fit her.)

The women lets out a nervous laugh. 

“Why don’t they just get a reduction?”

Why don’t you go fuck yourself?

No, I don’t say that. What I do tell them is, its difficult to get many necessary surgeries covered by insurance. It is even harder to get insurance to cover some thing they fell is not life threatening. The insurance considered it “Cosmetic” 

(I have heard some real horror stories. One of my favorite customers told me about standing in a room, as a board of all men told her that her L cup breasts did not obstruct her motion enough to have them removed)

It could be that I’m a little ball of misery today. My nose is stuffed, and my throat hurts. I always seem to be sick. 

It could be that, or it could be that I am so fucking sick of people trying to have a a laugh at some one else’s expense.  There are no “real sizes” It either fits you or doesn’t. So the next time you see a size that looks weird, What should you say?

fucking nothing. 

Put it it down.

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