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Shopping for Bras

This page will be updated regularly, as I am always finding new places to buy bras in my own size, and I hope to learn more about places that are great resources for other sizes as well!


A fantastic one stop shop for online bra shopping in the US. They often have sales and free shipping events, so if you shop smart, it can be affordable. Easy returns and exchanges, and they carry a wide variety of brands in band sizes 28-56, cup sizes UK AA-K. (Their US sizes range up to N, which is the equivalent of a UK size JJ.)


A UK based company that not only sells bras for bustier folk, but also has a sister brand of clothing designed specifically for curves. They range in band sizes from a 28-40 and a D-L in cup sizes. Being a UK company, they tend to have products on the pricier side of things, but I have to admit that they have a gorgeous selection, many of which are exclusive to their company.


A UK based bra outlet for the larger busted, can be pricey, although they often have sales on older styles. They range from 28-46 and UK D-K.


A UK based site that features clearance and lingerie from the previous season at a steep discount. They range from 28-46 and UK D-K.


A Polish bramaker that I cannot recommend highly enough! They make bras in most sizes, ranging 26-46 band and UK A-K cups. Prices are around $40 per bra and they ship internationally for a decent rate. In my opinion, worth it for the high quality bras you get, especially since most of them are padded, a rare find in higher cup sizes!


I am a 32/34 DD and I have found Soma has excellent bras that fit and are very comfortable. Often, in fancy styles!! However, bras run about $40+, so not cheap. (Recommended by tumblr user lent-et-grave)

Soma is a US company that carries a range of 32-44 bands and US cup sizes A-G.

What Katie Did

A vintage inspired lingerie store with an amazing reputation. They carry everything from bullet bras to frilly knickers to shapewear to real steel boned corsets in a fair range of sizes, from about a 32-38 and UK cup sizes A-F (depending on the bra, many only go to DD).

Bras That Fit

A website and store located in MI with very reasonable prices and a fairly wide selection. The website itself is a bit clunky and difficult to navigate (no way to search by size that I can find), but it’s likely worth the trouble if you’re in the US and strapped for cash. 


A super lovely US company that the wonderful molliedollie brought to my attention!

It looks like their range extends from a 34-50 band (WOW SO COOL) and a US C-N cup size! Some of their products are what many people consider to be “granny” bras, but they have some beautiful embroidery details on many of them and lots of lovely longlines and lace bras that are actually quite stunning. Much prettier options than many other plus size options I’ve seen. Definitely worth a look if you’re in the US and fall under their size range!