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It is a well known fact among many bra enthusiast that most people are wearing the wrong size bra. This is due to an abundance of reasons, from reliance upon outdated measuring techniques to limited sizes being available to fear of larger cup sizes and smaller band sizes to just plain poorly trained fitters in stores.

However, there is hope! There are many stores with well trained fitters who will not even break out a measuring tape! There are online fit guides to help you on your way to finding your size! And there are tons of people willing to help you find something that fits you just right.

I could write in depth about my own personal experience with fitting and what I know off hand about fit (and maybe someday I will), but there are so many places that are full of professionals waiting to help you!

However, before looking anywhere, the first thing to understand about bra sizing is that everyone sizes differently! Sure, we’ve all experienced being one size in one brand and a completely different size in another, but there are also different scales by country/region that you’re shopping in, so watch out! The best conversion chart I’ve found for this by far is from Bare Necessities:

Now, this is by no means a perfect guide, especially because it relies heavily upon measurements. But I’ve found that if you ignore the measurement column, it gives a pretty good comparison of cup sizes.

You may be asking, “Why ignore the measurements? Isn’t that how I find my size?” The resounding answer from every good fitter I’ve been to and everyone experienced with bras I’ve spoken to on the matter is a resounding NO! Measurements are highly unreliable, and in fact the best way to go about finding the size you should be wearing is checking the fit of the bras you currently own and seeing what changes need to be made. It takes a lot of trial and error to get the correct bra size, but when you finally find something that fits like a dream, boy is it ever worth it.

Bravissimo has a great Fit Guide that is simple and comprehensive. The list the qualities of a well fitting bra in a straightforward way. There is also a list of Common Bra Problems and their recommended solutions for those problems. While the site is aimed at bustier folks, the fit rules definitely still apply to people on the other end of the size range. A well fitting bra is a well fitting bra, no matter the size of boobs in it.

While these online resources are not a substitute for a well trained fitter who can see you in person and try different bras on you (though many sites offer fitting assistance over the phone), they’re a great start on the journey to owning a collection of bras that fit like a dream!