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Anonymous asked: Okay...I must say, holy crappola, dracolla!!! I can't be wearing the right size bra. I just saw a photo you posted of a lovely model who is a size 38F and I'm 99% positive I am about her size, most likely bigger! Over the years I have just started squeezing in to DD and sometimes D because I have no freaking clue what my size is. I avoid double bubble as much as possible (Thank you ace bandages! LOL) How do I find out my size? I live on a Military post and there is no one here who measures?

If you cant find someone local to measure you, you can do it yourself! All you need is a measuring tape. This is my favorite measurement-based guide, although it is in cm and it’s important to remember that measurements are only a starting point for bra fit. My favorite non-measurement fit guide is here, and it can be used to tweak your fit once you have a basic idea of what you need from measurements. 

One thing I do have to caution you about is using ace bandages around your chest. Bandages are designed to tighten as the area expands (to lessen swelling), so when you breathe, over time the bandages will tighten more and it could potentially harm you. 

Good luck fitting yourself! Let me know if you have any more questions about fit!

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Anonymous asked: is it weird to be 22 and have never worn or bought a wired bra? in my country wired bras are only worn by married women and for the unmarried we only can wear soft cup made in china bras

I don’t think that’s weird at all! It seems to be standard in your country, which is perfectly fine, and I even know some people in the US who almost never wear bras at all, let alone wired ones. Unless you’re in pain and feel like wired bras would give you the support to relieve that, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Unless you want to explore different types of bras, in which case I would encourage you to if you’re comfortable with it. <3

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Anonymous asked: How does the process of buying bras online work? I mean, I know how ordering stuff online works, but how do you find the right fit? I would think that you could order something, try it on, and send it back for a different size if it didn't fit, but that falls apart when companies specify that their return policy only applies to "unworn garments". Are retailers generally just not as fussy as their legal mumbo jumbo imply?

Most online sellers of bras allow for returns and exchanges on bras after you’ve tried them on. You just need to not wear them for an extended period of time, make sure no odors and stains are present, and leave all the original tags on it, just like you would trying them on in a store! 

As an example, here is BareNecessities’s return policy. What is usually meant by “unworn garments” is garments that haven’t had the tags removed and/or been worn for like a full day. Trying things on is generally acceptable, with the exception in the underwear world being bottoms for sanitary purposes (although you could certainly try then on over a pair that you currently own).

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Anonymous asked: i measure 28 underbust and 35 overbust which makes me a 28G/F(?) but i was searching for this and other girls on the internet with this size don't look anything like me, im much smaller then them and i've rechecked my measurements many times and there are right, am i doing it wrong? i've never been measured at a bra store and always wore softcup bras from local markets where they don't have proper sizes and you just guess your's (and im 21 years old)

Measurements are just a starting point for finding your bra size, it’s more about how the bra actually physically fits! Things like the amount of breast tissue that needs to be enveloped in the cup can be different in people who happen to have the same measurements.

I would recommend trying on some bras in that size and examining the fit of them. If you can’t find any in a store near you, lots of online shops have good return/exchange policies (Bare Necessities’ return policy is super easy). You could order the size your measurements tell you to and maybe some similar sizes you think might fit you, then just return or exchange any that don’t fit right! It’s a matter of experimenting to find out what exactly fits your body and measurements are just a place to start!

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Anonymous asked: I get the sense that the general consensus among bra bloggers is that the "+4" method of measuring band size is faulty, and that Victoria's Secret is a huge offender in that regard. What confuses me is that on VS's website, their "size calculator" doesn't add any inches. To make things more confusing, I looked at HerRoom (after seeing it recommended by another reputable blogger), and they DO say to add 4-5 inches. Is VS getting their act together? Am I just crazy?

I just went and checked their website and you’re right! I think the biggest problem with VS that I’ve seen is the training (or lack thereof) of their fitters. I haven’t been to a VS in years since I sized out of their bras like eight years ago, but from what I’ve heard in the past their in store fitters used the +4 method. They may be responding to criticism and changing that, which is great! They even have an accurate conversion chart on their website, which is a breath of fresh air, even if it only covers their very limited size range. (My last experience with VS was several years ago, I was shopping for bottoms and someone offered to help me find matching bras. When I said that they didn’t carry my size, she looked confused and offered to fit me like she didn’t believe me. I told her my actual bra size at the time, 30H, and she promptly left me alone haha.)

I’ve never personally ordered from HerRoom, but I think they’re recommended fairly often because of the size range they carry. HerRoom’s band size chart is actually exactly the opposite of what I would use haha. They recommend going up in band sizes if your measurement is small (presumably because they don’t carry 26 bands) and using the measurement if you band size is large. I’ve seen that smaller measurements often need the smaller band for snug support while larger measurements often need to go down for the support and because of things like squishable flesh. 

I think that HerRoom’s lack of emphasis on the measurements and bra fit checklist are what get them recommendations from bra bloggers though. I know a lot of people are in the “throw away the tape measure” camp and HerRoom seems to put more focus on the measurements as a starting point. 

I’m super hopeful that VS is getting their act together though! If I were in their size range I’d go test out their fitting service to see if it’s improved at all. 

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